RSL Mobile & Ecommerce Consulting

Speed & mobility in service delivery have become hallmarks of global business excellence, requiring organizations to implement effective mobile and electronic commerce services. From churches to banks, group messaging, information brokering and web services are now basic requirements to keep professionals, members and partners informed and up to date. Our consulting services assist businesses and organizations to revamp their operations in becoming fully
e-mobile. Contact us for more information.

RSL Information Security Analysis

As organisations increase their investments in information systems, it becomes increasingly critical for them to protect their data and infrastructure. Information Security Analysis is all about assessing the threats, vulnerabilities and risks with regards to the information assets of an organization. It further involves putting adequate and effective mitigation strategies and prevention mechanisms in place to ensure that critical information assets are not easily compromised. Information Security Analysis is thus a core part of our software development and we extend the same service to our clients to help preserve their information assets value. For more information send us a message.

RSL Project Validation

We provide technical validation services for organisations that want a second opinion before embarking on major technological rollouts or upgrades.

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