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Rancard Mobility Server [Message Switch/Gateways]

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Usage Scenarios
Rancard Mobility Server supports two types of messaging

1. Single Request Messaging: a facility which enables users to send the same message to 300 or less recipients in a single request. This type of messaging can be done via the HTTP API.

2. Batch Messaging: a facility which enables users to do high volume delivery and server-side message merging. It offers the end-user the ability to define all elements common to a batch, and then send only the parameters that change on a message by message basis.

Examples below:

Hi #field1#, your loan will be ready at #field2# tomorrow.

This could become:

Hi Fred, loan will be ready at 10:30 tomorrow.
Hi Jane, loan will be ready at 14:00 tomorrow.

Batch Messaging can be done directly or via a client utility which manages addresses and communication with the Gateway server

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About Rancard Mobility Server
Rancard Mobility Server is part of the Rancard Mobility Product Family. First developed by Rancard Solutions in 2001, the product portfolio currently includes a suite of application services that allow mobile operators and service providers to deploy and manage services across the spectrum of WAP, MMS, SMS and other protocols to mobile value added subscribers.



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