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Rancard Mobility Server [Message Switch/Gateways]

Rancard Mobility Server (RMS) for SMS is a server based application which provides a set of APIs (application programming interface) that enable users to securely send SMS messages a website or desktop application. RMS provides transmission guarantee, unit tracking, client account management as well as extending customized interfaces for business and personal use.

Who runs/provides RMS-based services:
In a typical deployment, Rancard Mobility Server is hosted on a J2EE compliant application server within a telecommunications operator’s network. Its APIs are public enabling third party SMS originators to deliver their content via the cellular operator’s SMSC (Short Message Service Center). Such third party SMS originators may be bulk resellers distributing credits/units or service providers implementing various programs such as mass market outreach.

How RMS works:

Sending messages via Rancard Mobility Server can be done with several methods, including:
  • Using the HTTP API (direct – for programmers)
  • Using the FTP API (direct – for programmers)
  • Using customized applications on RMS which distribute SMS messages based on a unique business model (indirect – non-programmers)

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