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           Rancard Mobility Content Server 2.1 Launch

Below are comments from George Tevie, CEO of My-FON (North End Technology) on what Content Server delivers for them:

Rancard Mobility Content Server has given us a different perspective on content management. Whereas originally we had imagined content management to be something done far away in an unseen environment far from us, RMCS has brought it all home to us. It allows us to feel ownership of the management of our content. It also allows our various content providers to directly upload content to our server from wherever they are in the world. It lets our content providers view how much of their content is being downloaded by mobile subscribers, making accounting so much more manageable and gives all parties clarity, removing doubt and ambiguity. We can now manage and schedule content for the website. This has made it easy for us to take control of what we are doing without always having to instruct somebody else. It has made it easy for us to view statistics on which content titles are doing well and respond proactively to consumer behavior. RMCS has also made it easier for us to supply content to other countries and territories without any complicated set up procedures. It has made it possible for us to service not only mobile networks in Ghana but in neighboring countries as well. This has proved invaluable and will ensure that NET grows at a faster rate than we had anticipated

About NorthEnd Technology

North End Technology was incorporated in November 2000 with the aim of introducing value added services and to enhance the experience of the mobile telephone user. Read more at North End's website >>.

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